2 years ago

Attention on the selection of robot cable

Interest around the collection of robot cable:

1, clear the usage of function

For any one with the buyers, inside the buy of cable, be certain to clearly know anything worth purchasing? The sensible application from the cable i read more...

2 years ago

The rapid development of special cable products

On the other hand, modern global cable market matures, wire and cable(Industrial cable ) manufacturing marketplace improvement, slowing progress array is j read more...

2 years ago

The classification purpose and definition of wire and cable in China

Wire and cable are defined as used to transmit energy, information and facts and electromagnetic power conversion of wire items. For uncomplicated use and increase the applicability on the merchandise, wire and cable goods in our country in line w read more...

2 years ago

Flexible cable is different from ordinary cable fixed installation

Flexible cable is distinctive from ordinary fixed cable installation, within the installation, please refer towards the following installation and matters needing consideration:

1. Drag chain of cable laying can not distort, i.e. not fro read more...

2 years ago

Special cable can be roughly divided into four categories

Unique cable is often a series of products with exceptional properties and special structure, relative for the level of bedding face is wide in terms of ordinary wire and cable, with high technical content, the strict conditions of use, modest bat read more...

2 years ago

What's the difference of YJV cable pressed and not pressed

YJV cable pure gb not stress form:

YJV cable companies are usually after molding procedure, molding soon after make the cable as a complete a lot more tighten a lot, however the copper wire is fine for some (that is, can not meet the nat read more...

2 years ago

Select the five points of power cable cross section

To be able to improved and much more safely select energy cable cross section,  cable manufacturer group to gather the following five points:

1, wire core section to meet the needs on the stability of energy method quick circuit.